SuperShop Loyalty Program

The superShop Loyalty Program is abased on the partnership of leading retailers (Plus, Kaisers, OMV, K&H Bank, Skála, OBI, Optirex, Vista etc.). According to the wide range of goods and services supplied by the participating companies, the smart card-based loyalty program gives customers a chance to use the same card for collecting points at various types of shops from supermarkets through petrol stations to banks.

  • Customers meeting the conditions may order loyalty smart cards (free of charge or for a fee) at the shops. The card contains the basic personal data and the electronic wallet suitable for collecting and clearing bonus points along with two further wallets for applications to be introduced in the future. In the case of a co-branded card, the card also contains a magnetic strip (bank card). The loyalty card is suitable for both collecting loyalty scores and, on the basis of a contract concluded with the bank, conducting bank transactions.

  • When buying, bonus scores are collected on the card of the buyer that can later be exchanged for presents or used up in buying products in the shops.
    The credit and debit of the points is performed on POS terminals. The purchase transaction data is stored in the POS terminal memories, and transferred to the clearing center on a daily basis.

  • The POS terminals contact the clearing center of the card system daily with the aim of uploading purchase data and downloading the blacklist and point-issuing parameters.

  • The central clearing system collects, checks and processes the transactions. The clearing center provides regular data supply for the persons and organizations responsible for the operation of the card system: preparing and transferring of detailed and complex queries, traffic reports, statements in electronic and/or hardcopy form. The clearing center keeps records of the lessees operating POS terminals, and supplies data for the card issuer.

  • The central clearing system provides opportunity for conducting DM actions, and the issuer can address card owners individually, by their name.

  • Part of the central clearing systenm is a web based application where reports are available, and which gives access to OLAP-based marketing queries too.

  • Also coherent to the central clearing unit is the CRM module of the program, that is the knowledge base of the call center. It gives access for operatos to card information and to perform tasks such as the blacklisting of lost/stolen cards.

According to what was said above, CompuWorx Rt. has undertaken the supply and/or provision of the following products and services in the spring of 2002:

Customer Loyalty card: application development, programming, supply, electronic and visual personalization of the Gemplus microprocessor chip card (MPCOS-EEV). In association with the personalization: data recording, enveloping, mailing.

SAM module: security module developed for the above card which, similarly as the GSM SIM card, can be inserted in the terminal using a slot. The modules are provided with a special software and security elements.

POS (Point of sale) terminals: supply, installation and support of Lipmann NURIT type POS terminals that are suitable for accepting both chip card and magnetic card (loyalty and banking card) provided with PIN PADs.

Transaction collecting, processing and clearing services: the chip card transaction collection and clearing system ensures the receipt and clearing of purchase and score-exchange data, preparation of queries; data providing for OLAP (data mining) server, updating blacklists and parameters in POS terminals.