National Student ID Card
The multipurpose system was introduced first in 1995 by CompuWorx at the universities of Pécs (southern Hungary). Thanks to the integrated microprocessor, the card serves as an ID card, carries out financial transactions and by addition makes it possible to the students to profit from the many services offered in and outside of the campus. As a result of a public tender called by the Ministry of Culture and Education for the realization of a nationwide student card system, won by CompuWorx, the new version of the system is a uniform application for the administration and the various services offered to the students. This application concerns the administration of basic and financial data (purses, allowance for purchase of books) of the student, accesses to various sites, registration for examinations, payment of the expenses of inscription as well as various purchases carried out by using the student smart card. This solution opens the way to future developments and makes it possible to define different levels of the system. 

The first cards were issued in 1998, and by now their number exceeds 600.000 pieces. The student cards are used in over 130 institutions.


The IT background of UniChip application is based on Microsoft technologies. All data of the students, cards, devices (terminals, interfaces) and transactions are stocked in a central MS-SQL 6.5 server. The system operators (administrators, members of the Education Office) have a direct access to this main database, the students, teachers and the university management connect to the SQL server via a web server (Internet Information Server - IIS). 

The connection and use is possible from all PCs equipped with an Internet browser and a Gemplus Card Reader (e.g. GemPC 400 / 410 or GCR 400-FD). Actually the students and teachers use the functions from the PC and TouchScreen Terminals (TST) placed in the university buildings. Students have access to numerous installed PCs & TST with GCR 400. This interface is very important, because all students need to present their card for all operations. The access to the financial and educational functions is protected by the cardholder's secret PIN code, as well. The TST is dedicated to use of the UniChip system only, for the TST we have developed a special web based front-end where the users can choose from three menus. The TSTs are placed in a frequented place of the university, the possibility for using these devices is 0-24 hours. Students have access to all operations on the PC (in the computer & educational center) equipped with GCR 400-FD entering the UniChip web pages via MS Internet Explorer. 

The server is based on SQL, the front-end is based on Visual Basic, ASP (Active Server Pages), and HTML pages. The card's components are connected to the web pages by ActiveX controllers. The card and PIN code-protected data and operations are not accessible without the correct card and/or PIN code. Thus, the system is a high-level security one.