CompuWorx provides you with complex and custom made PKI solutions Using various smartcards. The following functions are available to you:
  • Secure logon
  • RSA based public key encryption
  • SSLv3 based client authentication for web access
  • Secure e-mail based on S/MIME digital signatures
  • Acquisition and download of X.509 certificates
  • Safe VPNOptional document encryption
Obviously these functions can be used in combination with other applications from our OfficeCard system, thus meeting all demands.

CompuWorx's PKI solutions are perfectly applicable in all cases where electronic communication takes place in a non-reliable channel such as the Internet, or when the holder's authentication is top priority.

Fields of use

With the implementation of the EMV standard leading credit card companies voted for smartcard. The new technology gradually succeeds the traditional magnetic stripe cards. According to Visa's forecast 46% of the cards issued worldwide will be fitted with a microprocessor. A large boom in the home banking/shopping sector is predicted int he near future.

Access control systems, intelligent doors, locks, gates and barriers

e-government, online votes/elections, intelligent ID cards,

Mass transit
Tickets and passes

Health care
A large amount of possibilities: administration for patients, fraud proof prescriptions etc. Private enterprises
Integrated security systems, secure e-mail, Internet, office cards, desktop security The solutions can be integrated to inventory or working hour administration etc. sub-systems. Paperless office becomes reality.

Clubs and societies
High security member cards with extra services.